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2020-11-19 600

Simply put, the difference between each other is the difference between inside and outside. The inner rotor motor is the rotor motor and the main shaft together, the motor base is fixed, the casing is the stator, and the inner and main shaft are the rotor. The outer rotor motor is a rotor with a motor waterproof casing, a fixed motor main shaft, a casing as a rotor, and an inner and main shaft as a stator. Low-speed gear and large torque. Under the condition of the same rotor net weight, the internal rotation without external moment of inertia is large, so the internal rotation of KV is relatively high, and the torque is low; the external moment of inertia is large, which improves the high efficiency and power of the motor without a stable load. . The inner rotor motor has a small torque and high-speed rotation. Generally, a vehicle model (such as a vehicle model and a ship model) is selected. The outer rotor motor has excellent heat pipe heat dissipation. Disk motors are also called disk motors, which have the characteristics of small size, light weight, and high efficiency. Generally speaking, the rotor and stator of the motor are installed inside and outside. In order to be thin, the stator is on a thick bottom, the rotor is covered on the stator, the stator is an electromagnetic coil, and the rotor is a permanent magnet material or a magnetic disk. In addition to high efficiency and small size, the unique structure of the disk motor makes it have many unparalleled advantages over ordinary motors. For example, the gap between the electromagnetic coil and the stator is small, and the mutual influence is small. The brush motor structure makes the use of the disk motor more flexible, including the regulation of large diameter holes in the motor. The two-axis gap structure allows the disk motor to cause the suction force of the pump, that is, the embedded refrigeration equipment.

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