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Company culture

1.  Ten culture advocated by the company

1.Be honest and trustworthy 

2.love your job

3、Unity, friendship  

4、Discipline and law-abiding,

5、Respect customers  

6、Protect public property,

7、Learning, innovation 


9、Benefit sharing 

10、Promoting healthy spirit

2.   Top 10 culture companies oppose

1、Cliques and factions

2、Corruption and waste for enjoyment

3、Unhealthy body and mind

4、Do not strive for progress, follow the trend

5、Attack others to vent personal anger

6、Seeking private interests and damaging public property,

7、Pursuing own interests at the expense of customers interests

8、Don't love own parents, and don't love own family,

9、Shirking responsibility without responsibility

10、Nothing to do with yourself

3. Ten high voltage lines for employees

3.1. Abusive, fighting, provocation and other behaviors causing adverse effects at company;

3.2. They contradict the leaders in public and have a bad attitude;

3.3. Colleagues do not pay back the borrowed money for a long time and gather people to gamble;

3.4. Discuss salary in private, gossip about the company personnel and affairs, do things in the name of the leader, conceal the facts, and do not report problems to the police;

3.5. Bad competition within the company, resulting in loss of customers or low work efficiency;

3.6. Forming gangs, spreading rumors, instigating dissension, spreading rumors, slandering others, bullying new employees, etc;

3.7. Be isolated from the group, refuse group activities or exclude colleagues;

3.8. Shifting responsibilities, bickering, internal friction or refusing to implement the company's relevant rules and regulations, monopolizing power, not being supervised and not cooperating with the work of other departments;

3.9. Divulging the company's secrets, stealing company's information, stealing inside the company, etc;

3.10. External circulation of the system, taking credit for customers, taking a part-time job outside the company and other behaviors damaging the company reputation;

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